Derwent FM provide first-class facilities management services for residential properties across the UK. This includes a diverse range of different types of property, locations and sizes of development. We are committed to helping our clients secure a maximum return on their property investments while ensuring the residents or users of those properties are satisfied with their environment.

By providing an unbeatable level of service to our clients, you can take advantage of as many (or as few) of the services we offer to help establish or maintain your reputation as a reliable provider of quality properties. We also recognise that the residential sector requires a very different approach to other sectors because individuals and families expect a certain level of privacy and their ‘right to quiet enjoyment.’ As such, our level of professionalism and unobtrusive approach to carrying out our duties makes us a valuable partner.

Our services to the residential market include, but are not limited to:

To bring on board a valuable asset for achieving your ambitions for your residential properties, contact Derwent FM today. We would be happy to discuss the many ways we can add value to your properties and increase the satisfaction of all residents.

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    Our facilities management services include…


    Hard Services

    A range of services focusing on maintaining or improving the physical built environment, a building’s mechanical and electrical systems and remaining compliant with the law.


    Soft Services

    A range of services to ensure that all interactions with your organisation’s premises are positive; this includes services such as cleaning, security and grounds maintenance.


    Property Management

    Comprehensive services helping you to manage your property or portfolio of assets; this includes sales, lettings, maintenance, compliance, finance, insurance and more.


    Health & Safety

    Services that will ensure your organisation’s premises remain compliant with building regulations and legislature at all times while keeping occupants safe.