Water Risk Assessments

Whether you are a business owner, landlord, building manager or site manager, you have a responsibility by law to ensure high standards of water hygiene to prevent the spread of disease. Inadequate water treatment can lead to serious health risks, so it is vital that appropriate measures are taken to prevent waterborne diseases such as Legionnaire’s. Derwent FM’s water treatment specialists can provide a thorough water risk assessment to give your organisation the information it needs on how it should be working to eliminate such risks.

Key benefits include:

  • Specialists who will only recommend the water treatment that is necessary for your premises, saving you money on unnecessary services
  • Risk assessments which clearly explain your responsibilities in an area that can be difficult to understand for non-specialists
  • Experienced risk assessors who will provide in-depth feedback to your organisation that will be easy to understand and act upon
  • Keeping all building users safe from waterborne diseases, especially Legionnaire’s Disease, which is potentially deadly and can affect almost any premises where water is present
  • Protecting your organisation’s reputation by giving you the information you need to ensure that disease cannot spread
  • Avoiding legal action by ensuring your premises adhere to the ACoPs (Approved Codes of Practice) regarding water treatment
  • Assessments carried out as part of a wider health and safety services that will be streamlined into a single, easy to manage facilities management contract

Through a partnership with Derwent FM, you will benefit from the expertise and experience of our water treatment experts to ensure your organisation’s premises remain compliant with the standards expected by law.

By arranging for Derwent FM to carry out a water risk assessment, we can provide a detailed plan of action for how to remain complaint with the laws surrounding water hygiene and to prevent disease. You can also choose, based on the findings of this risk assessment, to take advantage of Derwent FM’s water treatment services.

If your premises need a thorough water risk assessment that will provide all the information you will need to ensure high standards of water hygiene, Derwent FM can provide this essential service. Contact us today to discuss a facilities management package that will incorporate water risk assessment or treatment services.

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    Facilities Management Water Risk Assessments

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