LED Conversions

Join the countless businesses and organisations worldwide that have seen the light and embraced LED lighting. At Derwent FM, we believe the practical and cost-saving benefits are clear to see. Our team of lighting professionals can complete an LED conversion as part of a facilities management contract so you can see the difference.

Key benefits include:

  • Reducing your expenditure on electricity by reducing the energy required for lighting
  • Helping you to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and boost your sustainability credentials
  • LED lighting can use up to 90% less energy than incandescent lighting and 60% less than some fluorescent lighting
  • LED lights can last anywhere up to 50 times longer than alternatives
  • Heat sensitive items can be stored safely in areas with LED lighting

Besides the obvious environmental benefits of upgrading to more energy efficient solutions, there are money-saving advantages that can be significant. As part of a strategic partnership with Derwent FM, we can convert all of your outdated lighting units to LED outlets while causing minimal disruption to your operation.

LED lighting also emits far less heat than halogen lighting. This not only greatly reduces the fire risk associated with overheating light bulbs, but also makes LED lighting perfect for lighting places where heat-sensitive items may be present. Particularly if your premises rely on lighting that is switched on for many hours a day, or even permanently, the savings can run into thousands of pounds every year by opting for LED lighting.

To get an idea of the savings you could be making simply by converting to LED lighting, contact Derwent FM today to discuss having a full LED conversion of your premises as part of a facilities management package.

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