Maintaining high security standards at any site that your organisation operates should be a paramount concern. From the protection of assets to the safety of workers, customers, patients, residents or anyone who interacts with your organisation, an appropriate security infrastructure is vital. Derwent FM specialises in providing tailored security services to our clients that deliver first-class results while keeping costs low.

Key benefits include:

  • Fully integrated security solutions tailored to your unique circumstances
  • Ensuring the safety of visitors, staff and any premises users at all times through a range of measures
  • Keeping to strict regulations regarding health and safety, insurance compliance and relevant legislation
  • Fully licensed security personnel
  • Minimising losses and serious disruption that might result from theft, vandalism or antisocial behaviour on your sites

By trusting Derwent FM with handling security at your premises, you are given peace of mind that things will be allowed to run smoothly, people will be kept safe and that losses will be minimised. This, in conjunction with our automated security services, is a fantastic way to ensure your organisation can operate trouble free.

The effect of a physical security presence cannot be underestimated. From minimising losses in a retail environment to preventing trespassers on building or industrial sites, a physical security presence is proven to produce positive results. If there is an incident or an alarm on site, a security guard on duty can respond quickly to the issue to resolve the matter and minimise potential disruption. A security guard on duty is often enough of a deterrent to prevent anyone planning on trespassing, committing acts of vandalism, committing theft or becoming aggressive. Plus, when manned security measures are in place next to automated security systems, (CCTV, controlled access, alarms etc.) these services work harmoniously to produce fantastic results.

If you would like to know more about the ways a tailored security service from Derwent FM would benefit your organisation, get in contact today. We would be happy to discuss the ways we can add value to your operations.

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