Electric Vehicle Charging Installations

With the recent upsurge in sales of electric vehicles, bring your organisation to the forefront of the movement towards more sustainable, green lifestyles by trusting Derwent FM with the installation of charging facilities for electric cars.

Key benefits include:

  • Ensuring your organisation appeals to the growing market of electric vehicle owners
  • Provision for existing members of staff who own electric vehicles
  • Enhancing your reputation as an organisation leading the way towards sustainable futures and greener energy solutions
  • Allowing your organisation to form a key part of the ever-expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Saving your organisation money in the long run by allowing you to transition company vehicles into an entirely electric fleet
  • Tailoring our charging installation provision to each of our clients’ unique requirements
  • Incorporating a wide range of other services into a wider facilities management package with Derwent FM to help save you money

With sustainable living and energy consumption a growing concern in the world today, the first generation of genuinely affordable electric vehicles are taking the car market by storm. Electric vehicle charging installations are beginning to pop up everywhere, from car parks to service stations and even in newer build housing or apartment developments. By entering into a facilities management partnership with Derwent FM, we can arrange for our team of professional electrical engineers to install electric vehicle charging points. With grant schemes also in place to encourage the wider use of charging installations and of electric vehicles more generally, the timing could not be better for taking advantage of this current trend.

Whatever your organisation, you will be pleasantly surprised by the benefits of having charging installations. Plus, electric vehicle charging points have already become a planning requirement in some areas of London, and it is highly likely that other areas of the UK will soon follow suit.

You could benefit if your organisation is:

  • A provider of housing or accommodation:
  • In the transport sector
  • A business with many employees and employee parking
  • A shopping centre or retail park

As more and more drivers opt for electric vehicles, the increased demand for a better charging infrastructure will certainly follow. Position your organisation at the head of the movement towards green energy transport solutions by contacting Derwent FM today to discuss electric vehicle charging installations as part of a facilities management package.

Whatever your enquiry, we can help. Contact us today!

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    Electric Vehicle charging installations 1
    Electric Vehicle charging installations
    Facilities Management - Electric Vehicle charging installations 1
    Facilities Management - Electric Vehicle charging installations

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