Site caretakers are some of the most valuable members of staff that any organisation can employ to help manage their properties. As part of a facilities management contract with Derwent FM, we can arrange for one or several caretakers to maintain a constant presence on your properties to carry out a broad range of jobs that will help your operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Key benefits include:

  • Saving you money by carrying out routine tasks and repairs that might otherwise require outside assistance
  • Ensuring that your premises are well presented at all times
  • Rigorous selection process will ensure you are assigned caretakers that are a perfect match for your operations
  • Staff trained for a public-facing role in order to reinforce a positive image of your organisation
  • Multi-skilled caretakers that can be relied upon to carry out a broad range of jobs

A skilled and hard-working caretaker can really make the difference for an organisation. With the range of tasks they are often required to perform on-site for a client, they are a vital member of staff to keep any operation ticking. This also means that an effective caretaker must have a broad skill set if they are going to manage a site successfully. At Derwent FM, we pride ourselves on our hiring and assignment process that will ensure that your organisation receives the best person for the job. We know that each site will have different requirements and so a caretaker who is a perfect fit for that environment is essential. Plus, every caretaker that we assign will have all the appropriate certification, (up-to-date DBS checks for example).

Some of the tasks our caretakers can perform day to day include, but are not limited to:

  • Putting handyman skills to good use to perform minor repairs
  • Monitoring and rectifying potential health and safety risks such as trip or fall hazards
  • Managing refuse on-site
  • Litter-picking and general grounds cleaning to maintain professional standards
  • Controlling keys and access to rooms/buildings on site
  • Cleaning of guttering and drains
  • Washroom services such as replacing paper towels
  • Performing routine tests of alarm systems
  • Checking that certificates and insurance documents are up to date
  • Gritting of pathways during winter
  • Basic electrical maintenance, such as changing blown fuses and ensuring areas are well lit
  • Basic plumbing, such as removing blockages or repairing minor leaks

If you are interested in discovering the difference that caretaking can make to the smooth operation of your sites, contact Derwent FM today. We will assign the best person for your unique circumstances so you can start to see the efficiency and cost benefits right away.

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