Pest Control

Controlling pest species at any premises is of vital importance for a number of reasons. Pests can cause property damage, make a building an unpleasant place to be because of noise or smell issues and can even cause health and safety problems if there are species that carry parasites or disease. You can rely on Derwent FM to ensure your premises remain free of pests.

Key benefits include:

  • Professional teams who can deal with any type of infestation, including birds, insects, flying insects, bees, wasps, rodents, burrowing pests and more
  • Discreet removal of pests where appropriate to help keep your organisation’s reputation intact
  • Innovative and humane methods of pest removal
  • A wide range of preventative measures that can be implemented to guard against future pest problems
  • Maintaining a safe, clean and pleasant environment for all users of your premises

The problems that a pest infestation can cause for your organisation can be catastrophic. As well as the obvious health and safety risks that pests present or the irritation they can cause to visitors, customers, residents, patients or clients, the damage they can cause to your organisation’s reputation can be hard to recover from. By trusting Derwent FM with pest control at your premises, you can count on us to use every method at our disposal, in a discreet way, to ensure any building that is part of your organisation will remain free from pests. See below for the range of pests we can control at your premises.

  • Rodents The hygiene problems rodents can cause can be detrimental as well as damaging for an organisation’s reputation, particularly in any premises where food and drink is present. Damage to stock, the spread of disease and even property damage are all common problems associated with rodent infestations.
  • Birds – The problems they can cause for any building can be significant and when left uncontrolled can lead to a loss of income through damages and dissatisfied users of your properties. From noise and smell concerns to the transfer of parasites, the management of pest birds can be crucial to the smooth and profitable operation of your premises.
  • Flying insects – The health and safety risk that flying insects can pose for an organisation is significant. It is well known that many flying insect species can harbour diseases and spread illness, a serious concern for any premises where consumable goods may be present. A wasp, bee or hornet infestation is also a definite way to drive away potential business, not to mention the danger to members of the public that a nasty sting can pose, particularly for those with allergies.
  • Insects – There are a number of insect species that can cause real problems for any building. The issues they can cause range from being a general nuisance all the way up to the spread of disease and structural damage. Plus, news of an insect infestation can be detrimental to an organisation’s reputation. You can rely on Derwent FM to keep bedbugs, fleas, ants, cockroaches, spiders, woodworms, textile moths and a variety of other insects at bay.
  • Other pests – If any other species of animal is causing problems for your business, we recommend you contact us so that we can give you advice and work towards a solution. For example, many organisations may find themselves facing problems with burrowing animals, such as moles, or have a feral cat colony causing issues for their business.

If the removal and prevention of pests would greatly benefit your organisation, you can rely on Derwent FM to deliver the first-class results you expect as part of a facilities management package. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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