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When the pressure is on to meet strict budgets, Derwent FM can provide the public sector with the savings it needs to run more efficiently and cost-effectively. When every penny counts and public spending is under constant scrutiny, you can trust Derwent FM to meet the high standards that you and the general public expect.

From central government to local authorities, austerity measures and increased scrutiny on public spending have presented a range of challenges to the public sector. At the same time as stricter budgets are being enforced, the expectations of the public have not lessened. This has caused huge pressure on government organisations to maintain, or even improve, standards and outcomes, but often with considerably reduced resources. This is where a strategic partnership with Derwent FM can be incredibly valuable. By condensing a range of necessary services into a transparent contract with Derwent FM, with no hidden costs and an easy to reach, single point of contact, essential services can run more cost-effectively and efficiently. We strongly believe you will be impressed by the savings that are possible that can free up funds to be allocated usefully elsewhere.

Some of the services we offer that could benefit your government organisation include:

If you are interested in learning more about all the ways a contract with Derwent FM can help your public sector organisation run more efficiently while saving money, contact us today. We can answer any queries you may have about the full range of services we can offer.

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      Our facilities management services include…


      Sub Title


      Hard Services

      A range of services focusing on maintaining or improving the physical built environment, a building’s mechanical and electrical systems and remaining compliant with the law.


      Soft Services

      A range of services to ensure that all interactions with your organisation’s premises are positive; this includes services such as cleaning, security and grounds maintenance.


      Property Management

      Comprehensive services helping you to manage your property or portfolio of assets; this includes sales, lettings, maintenance, compliance, finance, insurance and more.


      Health & Safety

      Services that will ensure your organisation’s premises remain compliant with building regulations and legislature at all times while keeping occupants safe.