Working With Us

Derwent FM provides high quality facilities management services across the UK and Ireland. We do this by employing highly motivated and skilled people who have creative minds. Our work culture is second to none and joining our teams is very rewarding. You will be valued for the skills, experience and creativity you bring.

There is rarely a specific person with a clear set of abilities or skills we are looking for, but you will find some of the key things we expect our new team members to bring to our organisation below.

We like to recruit like-minded individuals, here are the principles we look for in our staff:

Do The Right Thing. Always.

We always aim to do the right thing for our Customers, for our Communities, for each other.

What is the right thing? Never walking by. Owning it. Picking up the litter. Doing that bit extra. Helping. Giving. Being transparent. Making choices for the right reasons. Never letting anyone down. Running through the line.

We know what the right thing is because it’s in our DNA. It’s who we are.

Fired Up, Ready To Grow.

We have a drive to improve and make things easier. We do something new, and something better, every day. We have a thirst to learn. We’re curious.

We take care of our precious resources so we can reinvest them wisely. We’re bold, we’re adaptable. We’re passionate about thriving Communities.

One Community.

Our differences make us who we are, our shared mission makes us different.

In our inclusive Community everyone is welcome, everyone is important, everyone is supported, and everyone can thrive.

Be Respectful, Earn Respect.

We keep our promises. We’re not scared to admit we’re wrong. We’re open, honest, humble. We’ll always listen, we’re always accessible.

We are respectful, and we respectfully challenge and question. We trust each other and in turn are trusted. We recognise, appreciate, and celebrate each other. We say thank you, a lot.

Enjoy Work.

Work can be hard, but we have a very special role to play – to be a force for good for our Customers, for our Communities, and for our society.

That’s why we enjoy what we do. It’s a rare opportunity we’ve been given, we never take it for granted.


We want to be — and be known as — The UK’s Leading Social Enterprise. We’re changing lives by creating and supporting thriving communities.

Our Because Community Matters strategy sets out who we want to be, and what we need to do. Our People Promises are how we’ll do it.