Post and Portering services

Post and portering services are essential to many organisations because they often tie together a range of other facilities. The logistics of running premises are made significantly easier by having dedicated porterage services as well as an efficient postroom. Derwent FM can provide a professional post and portering service that is specially tailored to your organisation and will make a significant difference to the effective running of your operations.

Key benefits include:

  • Portering services that knit together and help co-ordinate a range of other facilities management tasks
  • Efficiently run postrooms tailored specifically to your organisation
  • Peripheral tasks to your organisation handled by Derwent FM so you can concentrate on your core operations
  • Postroom staff and porters trained to interact with members of the public to help reinforce a positive brand image

Postroom Service

Derwent FM has plenty of experience managing post or mailrooms. For many organisations, a dedicated postroom is vital to their smooth operation. Student accommodation, for example, will house hundreds, even thousands, of individuals, often within large blocks of flats and each with their own address. Similarly, office blocks will receive a high volume of post every day that needs to be delivered into the right hands. Derwent FM can provide a dedicated, on-site postal service to ensure that every letter, package or correspondence gets to the right person quickly and correctly.

Portering Service

Support staff are every bit as important to your operation and brand image as core staff. Indeed, they are often people’s first point of contact with your organisation. Our professional porters are adept at providing an approachable and helpful service to customers, residents, patients or any individual who comes into contact with your organisation. This is why they are so often the members of staff who knit together a range of services, liaising with security, cleaning, maintenance and a range of other service staff as required to ensure the efficient operation of your premises. Their proactive approach will ensure that a wide range of jobs are carried out as soon as possible after they are identified by, or reported to, a porter. Whether that be directing an appropriate staff member to provide a service or tackling the issue themselves, Derwent FM’s porters will deliver on their commitment to helping your operations run smoothly.

For professional post and portering services that will ensure your operations can run more smoothly, you can rely on Derwent FM to deliver. Contact us today to discuss taking advantage of our post and porterage services as part of a facilities management package.

Whatever your enquiry, we can help. Contact us today!

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    Facilities Management - portering and post services

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