Winter Gritting Services

Ensure easy access to any of your organisation’s buildings and the safety of all visitors by taking advantage of our responsive, expert winter gritting services.

Key benefits include:

  • Our team will be on standby all year round to respond to adverse weather conditions
  • Keeping your operations running smoothly, whatever the weather
  • A ‘winter action plan’ devised with clients to ensure we are prepared for any circumstances
  • Keeping walkways, entrances and access roads clear from snow and ice to maintain building access and keep people safe
  • Closely monitored weather trends so we can be prepared when bad weather strikes
  • Reducing costs, the amount of gritting and disruption to your everyday operations because we monitor weather trends and have an effective action plan

When the weather falls below zero degrees Celsius, the problems this can cause for any building can be considerable. For any responsible organisation, having an action plan in place to manage the problems and risks that the winter weather brings is a must. You can trust Derwent FM’s winter gritting services to greatly reduce the associated risks that come with the worst of the winter weather. These include loss of income and working hours, problems accessing your premises, and health and safety disasters that could even lead to serious accidents.

Being prepared well in advance can make a real difference, and by trusting Derwent FM, you can be sure that we will always be primed for bad weather. We understand that a snow storm simply presents a different set of problems to everyday cold weather, so our dedicated team of gritters and snow clearance specialists will always be ready and waiting, even outside of normal working hours, to ensure that high safety standards are met.

Whether you require our winter gritting services for one site or for several, you can trust Derwent FM to offer an expert and value for money service for managing the associated risks with the winter weather. Contact us today to discuss our winter gritting services for your premises.

Whatever your enquiry, we can help. Contact us today!

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    Facilities management - Winter Gritting Service
    Facilities management - Winter Gritting Service
    Facilities management - Winter Gritting Service
    Facilities management - Winter Gritting Service

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