Fall Arrest systems

In the daily operations of many organisations, it is often unavoidable that personnel will have to work at significant heights. To ensure your organisation is fully compliant with safety regulations regarding working at height, take advantage of Derwent FM’s specialist team who will provide excellent fall arrest systems that meet the highest standards of safety.

Key benefits include:

  • Providing the protection required by law for your workers when working at height
  • Avoiding the penalties, fines, lawsuits and even prosecution that can result from inadequate safety standards
  • Protecting your organisation from serious accidents that could damage its reputation beyond repair
  • Safeguarding workers from serious injuries
  • We provide both the equipment for fall arrest systems and training for workers in the safe, proper use of these systems

There is a difference between fall restraint/prevention systems and fall arrest systems. The basic difference is that fall restraint systems are appropriate when working at height but carrying out work close to a ledge or drop off point isn’t necessarily required. Fall arrest systems are an absolute necessity when working close to, or directly on, a ledge or drop point. When working at height AND close to a ledge or drop, the risk of a fall rises significantly. Fall arrest systems incorporate the range of specialist equipment that will save a worker’s life if they were to fall, as well as ensuring they fall in a way that will prevent them from swinging into or landing on anything dangerous. In addition, a rescue plan will be required as part of an effective system to rescue anyone who falls or to allow them to effect a self-rescue.

Don’t fall foul of the law by failing to comply with regulations governing working from height. Contact Derwent FM today to ensure your organisation is covered and your workforce is kept safe by taking advantage of our fall arrest systems.

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