Fire Risk Assessments

The issue of fire safety is certainly an important topic in the UK today. At Derwent FM, we have a proven track record of providing in-depth fire risk assessments for a range of different clients that provides them with all the information they need to ensure their operations are compliant with fire safety regulations. As part of a facilities management package, we can be trusted to assess and manage risk for your organisation that will ensure the highest standards of safety.

Key benefits include:

  • Minimising the risk of a devastating fire that could damage your organisation’s assets, and reputation, beyond repair
  • Keeping all building users or occupants safe from harm
  • Providing in-depth fire risk assessments which make your responsibilities clear for remaining compliant with regulations and legislation
  • Fire risk assessors with years of experience, confident in their knowledge, skills and expertise to provide a first-class service
  • Straightforward presentation of how your organisation must act to remain compliant
  • A comprehensive fire safety management service that will combine risk assessments with measures for maintaining fire safety compliance

It can be extremely difficult to wade through the many regulations, laws, procedures and standards that constitute fire safety compliance. By allowing Derwent FM to carry out your fire risk assessments, we can cut through these complex areas of legislation for you. What you are left with is a simple, straightforward breakdown of your responsibilities and a breakdown of recommended actions for making sure you are not in breach of any fire safety legislation.

Alternatively, by taking advantage of a facilities management package with us that includes fire management services, we can provide an end-to-end, tailored fire safety service for you. This includes a range of measures for the prevention of fire, methods to minimise the risks of small fire incidents spreading and becoming more serious, implementing evacuation procedures, maintaining fire safety equipment, detection/alarm systems and more. For more information, please read the page dedicated to our fire management services.

Don’t risk breaching fire safety regulations. Contact Derwent FM today to discuss having our experts carry out and supply your organisation with professional fire risk assessments, as well as your options for us managing the fire safety of your operations.

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