Building Design Consultancy

Combining a bold design vision with practicality and sustainability while remaining within a strictly defined budget can cause headaches for any organisation looking to build or expand their premises. By taking advantage of Derwent FM’s building consultancy experts, we will work together with any client to make their building vision a reality in the most cost-effective, sustainable and state-of-the-art way possible.

Key benefits include:

  • Achieving your design goals while working within strictly defined budgets
  • Consultation on a wide variety of building projects including new builds, expansions and upgrades
  • Bringing innovative ideas and suggestions to the table to help you meet sustainability goals
  • Producing an end result that is true to your vision while still fully compliant with stringent technical and legal requirements
  • Designs that will provide long-lasting value, allowing you to get the best from your assets for years to come
  • Fantastic money saving opportunities afforded by opting for full design, build and manage contracts
  • Years of experience designing many different types of buildings and meeting a range of challenging briefs

Having a vision for a new building, or an idea for expanding or upgrading an existing one, combined with the reality of implementing those visions, can be a difficult process to navigate. Often, an organisation will have a few central ambitions or a certain aesthetic in mind but have minimal knowledge about the logistics of achieving their goals. At Derwent FM, our experienced building design consultancy team will work together with any client to discuss their building ambitions to reach a workable design and a plan of action that is logistically possible. The end result will be one that merges aspirational aspects of building design with the realities of meeting taxing technical requirements and legal regulations.

This means a project that will:

  • Meet health and safety regulations while remaining comfortable and attractive
  • Be cost-effective to build and subsequently run without cutting corners on quality
  • Use the latest technology without compromising your organisation’s core values
  • Achieve high sustainability standards and green credentials without effecting functionality and efficiency
  • Provide long-lasting value without the fear of the design becoming outdated or redundant

Derwent FM is confident that we can deliver results even when faced with a challenging brief in cases where our services are utilised in the design stage. Our end-to-end design, build and manage projects are some of our proudest achievements, having satisfied a variety of clients’ requirements over the years. Contact us today to benefit from our skills and expertise so we can help make your most ambitious aspirations a reality.

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