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At Derwent FM, we are specialists when it comes to the student sector and have years of experience as well as a proven track record of fostering successful partnerships with universities across the UK. From helping universities to make vast improvements on their student satisfaction ratings by offering services that support the student experience, to running and managing a portfolio of student accommodation nationwide, you will be in safe hands with a Derwent FM contract. These measures are crucial when students are more conscious than ever about receiving value for money from their fees.

It is safe to say that we know what we are doing when it comes to the student sector. Our track record speaks for itself and we have a range of satisfied clients at universities, colleges and other further education sites across the UK. Among those clients, there is a diverse set of requirements and different contract types. Whatever your needs are in the student sector, we are confident that a contract with Derwent FM will add value to your further education setting. Plus, through our sub-division, Derwent Students, we market, let and manage a broad portfolio of accommodation nationwide for campus student living (as well as off campus accommodation.) We have proven results when it comes to filling empty rooms or properties and maximising our clients’ return on investment.

At the core of all our work in the student sector is the improvement of the ‘student experience.’ Many of our existing contracts reflect this and we provide a range of services to help universities and other further education providers to achieve their goals for more positive student experiences. There is no set formula to how we achieve these goals and we communicate with all potential clients extensively so we can tailor a contract to meet their unique requirements and circumstances. We even work closely where appropriate with student unions to foster an unparalleled community atmosphere at sites we manage, something that is so often lost on vast campuses and larger developments. This includes ensuring that our teams are always approachable and supportive, listening to students about how we can better support their experience and even take measures such as helping to organise social events.

The best way to learn about the ways we are currently supporting a range of further education settings to achieve their goals is to read our array of case studies. However, some of the services we have provided to our clients in the student sector include:

  • Lettings and marketing to promote your accommodation to students, ensure rooms are filled and manage tenants (see Derwent Students)
  • Hotel style conference cleaning to prepare and clean accommodation for short term guests (e.g. summer lets or conference visitors) when student occupants are away during the holidays or in the period between contracts ending and the new student intake
  • Fire managements services to ensure compliance at all times with fire safety regulations, which are particularly complex in large student accommodation blocks
  • Building fabric maintenance to ensure building exteriors are always appealing, looking their best and that minor problems (e.g. leaky gutters) do not become more serious issues
  • Gas, plumbing and heating services to ensure these essential amenities are constantly functioning to the satisfaction of students
  • Laundrette services to establish on-site laundry facilities for the benefit of students
  • Security services to keep people safe when on site and to respond to potential issues quickly as they occur
  • Grounds maintenance to keep campuses, accommodation and all exterior spaces looking their best
  • Waste management services to cover the broad range of waste handling needs that a thriving campus or large accommodation block would require
  • 24/7 helpdesk that provides a point of contact for clients, students and other members of the public for any issues or emergencies that may occur on site

Some of or proudest achievements in our 50+ years of operation include our work in the student sector. We believe our track record speaks for itself, so we encourage representatives of any universities, colleges or other further education settings to get in contact with us at Derwent FM so we can discuss how we can bring additional value and improve student experiences.

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Hard Services

A range of services focusing on maintaining or improving the physical built environment, a building’s mechanical and electrical systems and remaining compliant with the law.


Soft Services

A range of services to ensure that all interactions with your organisation’s premises are positive; this includes services such as cleaning, security and grounds maintenance.


Property Management

Comprehensive services helping you to manage your property or portfolio of assets; this includes sales, lettings, maintenance, compliance, finance, insurance and more.


Health & Safety

Services that will ensure your organisation’s premises remain compliant with building regulations and legislature at all times while keeping occupants safe.