St Hugh’s Hospital

Derwent fm is proud that it is working with St Hugh’s Hospital as the reliable provider of facilities management services

St Hugh’s Hospital is a registered charity and ‘not for profit’ provider offering holistic levels of care. In 2012, the hospital was searching for a dependable supplier to provide mechanical and electrical maintenance to the hospital.

The Challenges

As a healthcare provider, reputation and customer satisfaction levels are vital to ensuring customer peace of mind. Consequently, the hospital facil­ities must remain:

  • Open to patients during planned business hours – any disruption caused by mechanical or electrical fault can result in patient cancellations and a loss of reputation.
  • Safe to the public – ensuring that all compliance and health and safety checks/maintenance are up to date.
  • Cost effective – as a not for profit organisation who support the NHS, the maintenance of hospital facilities should at all times be an effective use of funds.

How we helped

Reliability, dependability and peace of mind

Our proactive contract management capability means that St Hugh’s Hospital can contact us 24/7 should they encounter any issues. This func­tion has proved invaluable to St Hugh’s as they have experienced multiple out of hours issues that, had they not been resolved, may have result­ed in the hospital being unable to open to receive patients. However, we are quick to respond at all hours, ensuring that engineers are on-site and that any issues are resolved quickly. This ensures that business can continue as normal and that no disruption is incurred. As a result of Derwent fm’s proactive response to incidents, Gary Allington, the Facilities Manager at St Hugh’s, states that ‘the peace of mind that Derwent fm provide is invalu­able’.

Knowledge and Expertise

Derwent fm are always on hand to provide advice and guidance to their customers. St Hugh’s know that if they have an issue or a query regarding their hospital facilities, our knowledge and exper­tise is just a phone call away. As a result the Der­went fm staff have become an extension of the St Hugh’s team, allowing for a partnership approach. Derwent fm pride themselves on this approach knowing that they are big enough to deliver but small enough to care.

Cost savings and effortless compliance

Derwent fm’s planned and managed planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules ensure that St Hugh’s hospital remain complaint with all health and safety and legislative requirements. The Hospital is maintained frequently at a time that suits the client. As a healthcare provider, there are areas that require maintenance out of hours, such as operating theatres. Derwent fm are flexible to ensure that St Hugh’s remain compliant whilst maintaining their excellent customer satisfaction rates. Health and safety compliance including Legionella testing, ensures complete safety and service excellence to St Hugh’s patients.

Derwent fm ensure that they remain proactive, alerting St Hugh’s to maintenance issues before they become a problem, saving St Hugh’s time and money and ensuring business continuity.

Core Services

Hard Services

  • Plant Maintenance
  • Boiler Maintenance
  • Generator Maintenance
  • Fire systems Maintenance
  • Lighting Maintenance
  • Nurse Call System Maintenance
  • Lightning Protection
  • Water Hygiene Management
  • Ventilation System Maintenance

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